Inforum 2014

This week a quite a few people from development are at Inforum in New Orleans. Back at home we have been finishing up on some of the demo applications.


There are lot of breakout Sessions on Smart Office so I hope you did manage to get a seat. We heard that due to overwhelming demand, additional registration capacity was added to several technical sessions.

Fredrik and Martin below are two of the managers from my team at Inforum this year. If you see them don’t hesitate to ask about Smart Office or Document Management. If you enoy this blog I don’t mind if you let them know that as well. Here is what they look like:


Here is an update from behind the scenes at Inforum. Tuesday and Wednesday were the General Sessions. It all start out like a rock concert and continues in high speed for 2 hours. Everything from what we have done in the past years to all the new great things like; Cloud, Infor Xi, Soho Glide, SkyVault and the new Dynamic Science Labs to help customers translate big data into valuable information. Lots of information packed in a very professional production by the H&L team.


After main stage the day is packed with sessions and academies. In the Hub Martin keeps busy running IDM demos and in the M3 area, H5 and Smart Office is at it peak in the hands of the demo team. Customers seems very satisfied with what they are seeing but it also comes down to quite some tricky details and questions.


The busiest person from our team will probably be Vince. He has a complete series of Academies giving lots of people the opportunity to experience Infor Smart Office hands on.


If you, like myself didn’t make it to New Orleans you can watch the recordings of the General Sessions. That is what I will be doing tonight.

Custom data templates in M3 lists with JScript

Changing the appearance of M3 list cells with conditional styles is easy but in some cases you need to do things that require logic that cannot be expressed with conditional styles alone. This post will show you how to change the style of list cells in M3 lists using JScript, custom data templates and custom data template selectors.

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Category Files Administration tool

In this post I’m going to give you a bit of information regarding the Category Files Administration tool that has been around since It is a generic tool that handles files in the database but it can be configured to view files of a specific category so this tool is also the Mashup File Administration and the Startpad File Administration. The Startpad in 10.0.5 and 10.1 is a separate install which some customers do not install so in 10.0.5 you might just have the Mashup File Administration but it is in fact the same tool as below it is just that you are not allowed to change category.
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Function expressions in variable replacements

This post is an introduction to the enhancements made to the variable replacement functionality in Smart Office 10.2. The variable replacement syntax now supports function expressions that adds the possibility to modify values during a variable replacement.

Function expressions are currently supported in many places that uses variable replacements. Some examples are M3 toolbox shortcuts, Mashup parameters and links, Mashup controls such as WebBrowser and FileBrowser and data service parameters. Smart Links do not support function expressions in the current 10.2 release but this has been addressed and support for function expressions in Smart Links will ship in the next fix pack for Smart Office 10.2. Continue reading