Lawson Smart Office 10.0.0

Lawson an Infor affiliate, released Lawson Smart Office 10.0.0. This is our contribution to Infor 10. I like it because it means that I can write about some stuff that I’ve wanted to share for quite some time now. We do lock down the code and go into release management a long time before the version is actually released. This is all good but it does mean that it’s been a while since I was working on the new version. So what’s new?

The first thing you will notice is the new login screen, it’s a beauty in black in Infor style. Lawson has also updated the look of

There is also a new black /grey theme available.

It looks clean and nice on a screen but not that good on a projector. I still love the green canvas more than any other color. The blue theme? Yes, it is nice, but there is something about that jade green. No wonder some of the Lawson Smart Office files (like the canvas file) are called *.jade files. It’s simply becuase LSO is green. Well, not anymore!

Back to Lawson Smart Office 10.0.0.

The highlights from my perspective are:

– New Infor theme
– Improvements in MITest++ (tool within LSO)
– Improvements in REST data sources in Mashups
– Support for WS data sources in Mashups (new data service type)
– Support for synchronous calls using Process Flow in Mashups
– More Mashups stuff
– S3 improvements
– M3 improvements

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