Smart Office, CCSS and LCM

As you all know Smart Office is installed with the help of Lifecycle Manager (LCM), but do you know that fixes to Smart Office are delivered through Customer Correction Self Service (CCSS) and downloaded and applied through the LCM client?

To view what fixes is available for Smart Office start the LCM client and select Retrieve Fixes from the Actions menu.

Retrieve Customer Correction Self Service Fixes pane is shown.

On the left side of the Retrieve Fixes tab is a list of CCSS channels, for Smart Office there is one channel per version. CCSS is supported from LSO

Select the version that you are interested in. If prompted for userid and password use your site credentials.

If there are any fixes they will be listed, like in the example below;

Smart Office currently makes use of two different fix types, EXTERNAL_FIX and PP_FIX.


External fix (EXTERNAL_FIX) is a fix that consists of a file that can be downloaded and used. It can be any type of file. For example a fix program that should be run on the server to fix certain problems or a new .msi file for installing the Smart Office client in a desktop virtualization environment.

To retrieve an external file, click the checkbox in front of the file name and press Retrieve. When the retrieval is finished open up an Internet Explorer and navigate to the page http://<lcmserver&gt;:<lcmport>/ccss, for example On the page right click on the file and select “Save target as…”


A Product Package fix (PP_FIX) for Smart Office comes in two different flavors. Either it is a complete new Smart Office LCM package including a new server and a new installation point or it is a fix for a single Smart Office feature like LWSN.M3 or LWSN.S3. The name of the fix hints about what kind of fix it is.

The fix marked in yellow below is a complete new package (pp_LSO1003_1).

And here is an example of a feature fix (pp_LSO913_LWSN.M3_1.0.0.246)

Both kind of fixes must first be retrieved and applied. Click the checkbox in front of the name of the fix and press Retrieve, when the retrieval is finished check the checkbox again and press Apply. The LCM client needs to update and restart after a fix has been applied.

Retrieve means that the file is transferred from the CCSS server to the LCM server. Apply means that the file has been applied to the Smart Office LCM package. Existing installations of Smart Office have not been affected at this point.

Depending of what kind of fix it is the process of applying the is a bit different.

Full package fix

When a full package fix is retrieved and applied the older existing LCM package has been replaced. When making a new installation it is the new package that will be used, already including the fix. It is not possible to install the older version any more.

If Smart Office is already installed find the installed Smart Office in the LCM client. Double click on it and press Upgrade.

When the upgrade is finished the procedure of Export Server Information, sign with the Sign tool and Import Installation Point must done again. See the Smart Office install guide for detailed instructions.

To see the exact version of an installed Smart Office find the installed Smart Office in the LCM client and double click on it, then select the Grid Application tab in the Information area. The complete version is included in the gar file name.

Feature fix

To apply a feature fix, find the installed Smart Office in the LCM client and double click on it.

Then press Apply Fix.

Select the fix to apply and press Next.

To verify that the feature has been applied open the Installation Point Manager inside of Smart office, the applied feature should be listed in the Deployed feature list.

Older features are stored in the Feature Repository and it is possible to revert to an older version if needed.

A feature fix is never included when making a new installation, which is the opposite behavior then when a full package fix have been applied. If a new Smart Office server is installed all feature fixes should be applied as well.

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