The New Infor – Lawson Smart Office is now Infor Smart Office

Last week Infor announced its new global Headquarters in the heart of New York’s “Silicon Alley”. The new office is the showcase of our innovation, technology—and our company. We also launched the new Infor brand.

I’m glad so say that the new black is white and I’m really exicited about this change. Coming from Lawson we know the importance of beautiful software. Our new look and feel represents our accessibility, openness, and agility in a crisp, straightforward way. I would say that it is modern and clean. In the future you will see what this means for Smart Office.

I would really recommend you to check out what the new Infor brand stands for.

Things are changing and we have an exciting time ahead of us working with different teams within Infor. We have great products and continue to focus on product and innovation. For us with a background in Lawson this is nothing new, but now we are part of an even larger organization and we have more opportunities to get things done.

A part of this change is new product names. Lawson Smart Office is now Infor Smart Office!
M3 is still M3 but but S3 is now Lawson.Or in fact Lawson M3 is now Infor M3 but Lawson S3 is now Infor Lawson.
– Lawson Mashup Designer is now Infor Mashup Designer.
– Lawson Enterprise Search is now Infor ION Enterprise Search.
– Lawson Business Intelligence is now Infor Lawson BI.
– Lawson S3 Add-ins for Microsoft Office is now Infor Lawson Add-ins for Microsoft Office
– Lawson Grid is now Infor ION Grid.
This is just a list of examples and far from all the applications related to Smart Office becuase that list goes on and on.

I wish that this blog could look more clean and modern. Becuase it is hosted by WordPress we don’t have access to the actual theme files. This means that I cannot manually update them so that the theme works as we would like it to. I changed the theme to this three column theme becuase I wanted the category links (see image) in the upper right corner to show a breif summary of each post.

This makes it easier to find a specific post by browsing a category and it is a “must have” functionality. I’ll continue too look for a new theme for the blog and if you have any tips let me know!