How to put the Smart Office icon on your desktop

As I have mentioned in previous posts WordPress has this nice feature that allows us to read what search terms have been used in the blog. Today I spotted this: “putting smart office icon on desktop”. In most cases the search terms does not contain enough info of what the person is looking for but this time I think I got it.

Personally I usually start programs using the windows key followed by writing the name of the app. Smart Office is in the start menu once installed so that would be a quick way to launch it. But if you want to create a link to the program on your desktop there are two options.

1) Create a link the program on your start menu.
2) Use a web link to the installation point with the server URL attached.

Create a link to the program on your start menu.

This description applies to Windows 7.
1. Press the windows button and M to minimize all windows
2. Press the windows button and write Smart Office.
3. You will see the Smart Office program link in your start menu.
3. Left Click and hold + drag to the Desktop. BEFORE releasing hold Ctrl

4. Check that the tooltip says Copy (You don’t want to move the link), before releasing the mouse button.

Another alternative is to look in your start menu and create a shortcut from there.

Yes, I have a large number of Smart Office installations.

Create a web link

Go to the web page were you install Smart Office. Right click on the text and select copy shortcut.

Now you have the link in the Clipboard. Right click on your desktop and select New -> Shortcut.

Use Ctrl+V or Right click and select paste to fill in the URL.

Enter a name for the shortcut.

This does not give you the nice looking globe, but it is a good way to get the Installation link with the server parameter when you want to send it to someone.

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