Infor Smart Office 10.0.5

Today we release Infor Smart Office 10.0.5. We will cover some of the new features and tools in the weeks to come. But let’s start with an overview of the new features in 10.0.5. The admin utility programs can be used to run against Smart Office version 10.0.4 as well. There is also a tool that will allow you to export and import user favorites from version 9.x – 10.0.3 into a version 10.0.4 or 10.0.5. This can come in handy if you don’t want to follow the upgrade paths in order to get to 10.0.5 (or 10.0.4) from a 9.x version.

Role based mashups
There is a new Mashup File Administration Tool that allows you to allows you to control user access to deployed Mashup files. Using this tool, you can select users or roles from the user repository to which Infor Smart Office authenticates and connect them to applications in a deployed mashup project. You can also set up mashup files to prevent any user from accessing them, or allow public access, meaning that all users can access them. This also means that the Mashup files are no longer available at the Smart Office file area on the server. Also not that you don’t control access to a specific Mahup but to a Mashup project.

Utility Admin tool to Manage Settings Files
SettingsTool.exe is a command line tool that exports and imports settings files, pre-defined widget files and link files. Normally these files are edited through the Settings Editor, Predefined Widgets Editor and Link Manager in the Infor Smart Office Administration Tools. SettingsTool.exe allows administrators to update these files without opening the Infor Smart Office client.

Utility Admin tool to Manage User Files
A new utility, UserFilesTool.exe, is delivered to allow administrators to manage user files without opening the Infor Smart Office client.
UserFilesTool.exe has two features:
– It can be used to delete files, download files, and upload/replace roamed user and settings files for individual users.
– Users’ favorites and canvas files from the file system in Lawson Smart Office through can be imported into the Infor Smart Office GDBC database.

Changed to News Reader Widget support
The News Reader now supports basic authentication and Integrated Windows Authentication (NTLM). It is possible to enter a user name and password for basic authentication. These values will be stored locally and
encrypted on the machine so it is not possible for an administrator to configure a default super user and password.

M3 – Changes to Ad Hoc Reporting
The following changes have been made to the M3 Ad Hoc Reporting feature:
– The filter field now searches in the field name and table name in addition to the field description. When the filter field is used, the field name and table name are displayed in the filtered results.
– When you edit a column, the field and table name are displayed.
– The list column header menu is no longer displayed in Ad hoc reporting mode.

Lawson – Link to attachments now available from the Toolbox
If a user has attachments enabled, Add an Attachment is available from the Toolbox. Previously, this was available only through a hotkey.

Lawson – Option to Choose Submit or Quick Submit Button
Previously only the Quick Submit button appeared on the toolbar of Job List and batch forms. By unchecking the ‘Use quick submit button’ option on User Settings (Jobs & Reports tab) the Submit button will appear instead.

Lawson – Mashup links available in some standard forms features
Form Links, BrowserTabs and Related Information Visualizer can now consume mashup URIs.

Lawson – Allow selection of Lawson Smart Reports as default report type
Users can select LSR (Lawson Smart Reports) as the default report type in their settings in Lawson Transactions (Jobs & Reports tab).

Lawson – Mashup Designer enhancements
– List panels now have Edit List in Excel available from context menus.
– Drill SelectTextBoxes now alow entry of rules key number for retrieving a description.

Lawson – New Scripting Methods
New IFORM methods:
– ResetTabStops: A convenient way to reset tab stops for an entire form.
– MoveDetailElement and RemoveDetailElement: Methods for handling existing detail elements on forms.

New ControlsUtils methods for adding custom controls to detail areas:
– AddDetailButton
– Add DetailCheckBox
– AddDetailComboxBox
– AddDetailTextBox

Check out the release documentation for more information.

8 thoughts on “Infor Smart Office 10.0.5

  1. Radek

    A customer of us asked me a question today witch i could not answer.
    He asked me the minimum req. running Lawson Smart Office on local client.

    Win XP-Win 7 x32/64 ?
    1-3ghz cpu?
    HDD space?

    1. karinpb Post author

      The following are the recommended values for Smart Office 10.0.5.
      Win XP – Win 7 x32/64.
      2.4 GHz Dual core or faster, 3 GB RAM, 200 MB free disk (Smart Office will take approx. 50MB).

      Recommended screen resolution 1280X1024 or higher
      DirectX 9 capable video card running at 1024 x 768 or higher-resolution display
      For Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Tier level 2 and above, see

  2. Jean Monchery

    Hi Karin, I have a J Script question. I am trying to change the font color that is displayed on the B panel. I’ve tried using the fontcolor property on a string but no luck. Do you know How I can do this?

    1. norpe

      I assume you mean changing the color of the text in the list? There is no easy way to do this from JScript, the idea is that you should use conditional style personalizations instead.

      It is still possible but somewhat complicated. The MForms list uses a template selector so you need to override that, your own template in JScript code and apply that. This could be a topic for an entire post but for now I’ll just give a short example. The following code changes the template for the first column in a list and sets the color to red for the text.

      import System;
      import System.Windows;
      import System.Windows.Controls;
      import System.Windows.Data;
      import System.Windows.Media;
      import System.Windows.Markup;
      import System.Windows.Threading;
      import MForms;
      package MForms.JScript {
      	class CellTemplateTest {
      		var controller;
      		public function Init(element : Object, args : Object, controller : Object, debug : Object) {
      			this.controller = controller;
      			var action : Action = ChangeTemplate;
      			Application.Current.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(DispatcherPriority.Input, action);
      		private function ChangeTemplate() {
      			var template = CreateCellTemplate("[0]", "#FFAA0000");
      			var listView = controller.RenderEngine.ListControl.ListView;
      			var gridView = listView.View;
      			var column = gridView.Columns[0];
      			column.CellTemplateSelector = null;
      			column.CellTemplate = template;
      			column.CellTemplate = null;
      			column.CellTemplate = template;
      			var items = listView.ItemsSource;
      			listView.ItemsSource = null;
      			listView.ItemsSource = items;
      		private function CreateCellTemplate(bindingPath, brush) {
      			var xamlTemplate = "<DataTemplate><TextBlock Text=\"{{Binding Path={0}, Mode=OneWay}}\" Foreground=\"{1}\" /></DataTemplate>";
      			var xaml = String.Format(xamlTemplate, bindingPath, brush);
      			var context = new ParserContext();
      			context.XmlnsDictionary.Add("", "");
      			context.XmlnsDictionary.Add("x", "");
      			var template = XamlReader.Parse(xaml, context);
      			return template;
    1. karinpb Post author

      There is an additional fee for the Smart Office SDK. It is available on the product download. Please contact your Infor contact.

      Mvh Karin

      On 14 mar 2013, at 09:47, Developing for Infor Smart Office

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