Moving user favorites from Smart Office 9.x to Smart Office 10.0.4

In Smart Office 10.0.4 the one administration change was that settings and user files moved from the File Area into a database on the server. As a part of that work we enabled user and application settings to be controlled via User Roles so that you don’t need to use Group Policies any more. The supported upgrade path for 10.0.4 is version 10.0.0 or later. That means that all user’s will loose their canvas and favorites. Not any more.

This tool is available in the Smart Office installation under and called UserFilesTool.

We have had a few questions about moving user files from previous versions so we have implemented a util program that you can use to push in files to the database using the Smart Office server. The util program has two functions:
1. You can list and delete/update a specific user’s files on the server
2. You can migrate user files (Favorites and Canvas file) from a previous version of Smart Office that has a file area into the database.

Note! The tool is not supported but delivered “as is”. If there are issues you are welcome to comment on this post but there is no guarantue that we will have time to correct it.

You have to be a Smart Office administrator in order to run the tool.

Working with a specific user’s files

In the first tab of the tool it is possible to export, delete and upload on a specific user’s file in the database.

Migrating Favorites and Canvas files from 9.x versions

In the second tab it is possible to migrate Favorite files and Canvas files for all users on a Smart Office file share. Pleas note that the tool only supports user files that are structured not directly under “UserFiles” but in subfolders with name like “1a”, “1b”,”2b” etc.

1. Enter the server path and the credentials for an Smart Office administrator.
2. Point to the file area and the folder that contains the UsersFiles.
3. Press Load users to read through the directory structure and load all users.
4. Select which files to copy (Canvas and/or Favorites)
5. Press Copy Files to copy the selected files for all users in the list. Please note that it is not possible to select a specific user in the list and only copy the files for that specific user. If you want to test for one user I suggest that you copy the folder that the user belogs to and then copy any other user found in that same folder. As long as the folder with the user name is one level down from the FileArea path the scan and import will work.

Make sure that you don’t have open files or Explorer windows as the program tries and read the files.