URI shema overview for Infor Smart Office

In this post I’ll present a short overview of the different application schemas that we use in Smart Office. As you know we use URL syntax to identify applications within Smart Office. We build our big product lines around one schema per application and use the host part of the URI as the program name. The URI syntax is like this: schema://host/path. URIs is great becuase they have a standardized way of sending parameters as well.

If you are an administrator and look at restricting access to an application the following overview will come in handy when you browse the different applications in the allowed application setting. Read more on restricting access in Enabling Process Flow (or other applications) for a group of users.


Schema Name Comment
ext External Application Handles external   links from the profile
internal Internal Application Handles Other menu, Log   Viewer, registers DataServices for mashups, handles nodes added via MenuExtensionService,   media played etc.
install Installer Application Handles mashup and   feature deployment. Contains about features.
net Net Application Handles Lawson DSSO   for application and web sites.
widget Widget Application Handles widget   related functions such as Widget Library, adding a widget to the canvas via   an URL
test Test Application Test application for   commands and functions


Web Application Web application, one   schema per supported schema.
messenger MSN Messenger   Integration Part of   Collaboration configuration and service
jabber Jabber Integration Part of   Collaboration configuration and service
chat Smart Office Chat   Application Part of   Collaboration configuration and service
mbrix IBrix support Only used for   backwards compability for IBrix (M3)
links Smart Links Smart Links in M3   and Lawson
mashup Mashup runtime Runtime handling of   Mashups
tool Tool Application Common schema for   framework tools for example tool://wstest for DataService
admin Admin Application Administration tools


Schema Name Comment
mforms M3 M3
ibrix IBrix Applications IBrix applications   running in Movex Workplace


Schema Name Comment
sclient sclient Lawson application
sforms Sforms Lawson application
sjobs Jobs Lawson application
sdrill Drill Around Lawson application

Other features

Schema Name Comment
ca Document Archive Infor Document   Archive for Infor Smart Office
companion Companion Infor Companion for   Infor Smart Office
landmarkweb Landmark Web Landmark Web UI   integration
landmark Landmark Landmark Data   Services for Mashups
designer Mashup Designer Mashup Designer
pfclient Process Flow Process Flow main   cotnroller
inbasket Process Flow   Inbasket Process Flow   inbasket application
search Infor ION Enterprise   Search Infor ION Enterprise   Search for Smart Office
biclient BI Client Analytics
bidash BI Dashboards Analytics
binote BI Note Analytics
birep BI Reports Analytics
groove Groove Integration Legacy.


Additional schemas that are reserved for framework/ Infor development:

If you plan to develop your own feature please note that the following schemas are reserved by us for internal use. They are not currently used (10.0.5) but not allowed for feature SDK development.

zip util app office
external feature client social
ion pulse activity roadwarrior
grid dev data service
workspace infor lawson skype
lync message plm erp
tools pack lcm config
application startpad

Also check that you don’t use a Permanent URI Schema from IANA http://www.iana.org/assignments/uri-schemes.html