Cannot find compatible location for dependency LSO

Today’s post is just a quick entry about a common error that you might get as you install a .lawsonapp file in Life Cycle Manager 9 (or Life Cycle Manager 10). I’ve received more than one question about this error message from Life Cycle Manager so I hope that this info will be of interest to the many administrators out there. The error message that you get in Life Cycle Manager is ‘Cannot find compatible location for dependency LSO. No available location exist or the user is not authorized to install application.’.

There are two possible reasons for this message (except that you are not authorized – but you have probably installed a bunch of applications at least Smart Office before facing this issue).

1) There is no Smart Office installed – so there is no component in LCM that can handle the .lawsonapplication file.
2) There is a Smart Office installed, but this .lawsonapplication is already installed!

In most cases its number 2 in this scenario. You have installed this application on all available Smart Office installations that the Life Cycle Manager is managing. There might be a collision in the name of the component but the most likely scenario is that you have this application (can be a feature like the Startpad or it can be a Mashup) installed already. You need to do an upgrade instead of a new install and I’ll show you how.

The normal process of installing an application is the following:

1. Upload the file

2. Refresh the list of Applications and select the application and click install.

3. In the next page you will see a list of all grids that have Smart Office installed so that you can select one.

Note! If you get an error here like this:

This is because that .lawson application is already installed in all available Smart Office servers. It does not matter if you have uploaded a new version say a version 2 of the same file. If you select install you will get this message since there is no available location to install the application. So if it is already installed, perhaps you would like to do an upgrade?

If you don’t see the grid where Smart Office is installed then it means that the application is already installed in that grid. If you have total of 3 grid dev,prod and test you will see all grids in the list but as you start to install the .lawsonapp (feature or Mashup) on different Smart Office servers you will see how the list will be shorter and shorter and once there is no location left you will get the cryptic ‘Cannot find compatible location for dependency LSO’.

You need to do an upgrade.


1. Select the application you would like to upgrade. Use the hosts view if you only want to upgrade on a specific host. LCM 9 does not do a good job of making it easy to spot on what hosts an application is installed but you will be glad to know that this has changed in LCM 10. Use the Host tab or the Applications tab and selected your previously installed application and select upgrade.


I hope this helps :-). The error message is kind of very generic and in newer versions of LCM I think that they did change this to suggest that you might want to do an upgrade instead.

2 thoughts on “Cannot find compatible location for dependency LSO

  1. Warren


    There is another common error. It says something like “Mashup File corrupted” when trying to load the application from the Admin View. We have to delete the application file before we do the application generation in the designer. Otherwise there will be the error message in LCM.

  2. karinpb Post author

    I’m not aware of that error message. Can you please ellaborate on when you get the error? “We have to delete the application file before we do the application generation in the designer. “. You generate the .lawsonapp in the designer, would you then uninstall the existing – so far as deleting it from LCM, before uploading the file again? Please let me know the exact error message. I log the next time it happens would be nice 🙂

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