Ask the expert Webinar: Infor Smart Office Administration

On June 13th, 10AM CST there will be a free webinar on Smart Office Administration. It is hosted by the Lawson development organisation and it is a great opportunity to ask questions. The focus will be Lawson installations but for general Smart Office Administration a lot of things are the same. I will attend and I look forward to your questions. Read more and register on the Infor Lawson Technology blog.

8 thoughts on “Ask the expert Webinar: Infor Smart Office Administration

  1. ritaLB

    I would like to tell you about my problem. Here it is:
    I start APS100 and get to APS360. Under defined conditions the program will pop up a window (MNS920 window), when the user closes the window with F3 or CLOSE-Button with the question “Do you want to approve the invoice for payment?”.
    Now my question:
    How can I get the information, that MNS920 is popping up with a question? And is it possible to retrieve the value of the question itself – the message Id of the question?
    Thanks for any reply.

    1. karinpb Post author

      As always the question is yes and no. No easy way, but not impossible.
      You can add a script that listen to the OnRequestCompleted and look for that MNS920 program, but it is very risky as you must unregister that event when the user closes the flow. You would have to test real hard to know that you have covered all scenarios.

      I can’t say if it will work or not.

      If you are 100% that you can catch a correct state to do the unregister successfully, you can try it. Make sure that it always unregister or there will be huge performance impacts. You can test this by logging to the Smart Office log (not console out) and test by having the log refreshed or that widget that hooks into the log.

      The client (Smart Office) does not know if the next step will be a dialog popup or not. It will just show whatever M3 returns.

  2. ritaLB

    OK. Thanks!
    I figured out that I can check the scenario in the Requesting event.
    When I’m at the point where I know the question of MNS920 is popping up, I would like to automatically press the “No” button in that MNS920 window. Is that possible?
    The JScript is connected to APS360 and I want to automatically press the “No” button of the MNS920-window.
    I can stop MNS920 from popping up with e.Cancel = true in my Requesting event, but the behaviour of APS360 is not the same, as pressing the No-button manually. So that will not be a solution.
    Thanks for any reply.

  3. ritaLB

    I guess you were right. I checked the events again and saw that I must use the RequestCompleted event.
    And …. I guess it works! With “controller.PressKey(“0″);” I was able to send the automatically No-button to MNS920. The windows pos up a second and disappears as wanted. Thanks for your support!

  4. ritaLB

    I’m trying to get a popup window via JScript in APS360. The window is an M3 call to MNS920 out of APS360. I want to minimize this window under certain conditions. My JScript is answering the question in this window automatically and I want to avoid the user clicking a button in this window. So my idea is to minimize this window.
    Thanks for any reply!

    1. karinpb Post author

      There is no way to minimize a modal window. This is a very advanced scenario where you must be sure to stop the execution of the script. When you see the response and that the dialog is about to be open you can execute a press key option in the dialog but you will need to dispatch that call to the UIThread with a low priority eg, Background (see That way you call will be called just after the dialog is displayed and the request will be submitted so even if the user will see the window it will close when the call is done. Perhaps you can show something like a toast message that will automatically disappear or text in the dialog, but there is no way to prevent the dialog from opening and it is modal so it can’t be minimized.

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