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Recently we published a blog post about admin tools in Smart Office. We also promised to publish another blog post about the administration tools in M3 and this is it.

The two admin tools for M3 that you need to know about are the Net Extension Manager and the Personalization Manager. These tools are only for MUA server administrators.

Net Extension Manager

Uri – mforms://mnemanager/

In the Net Extension Manager you can view program statistics, view sessions and change specific server settings at runtime. The last option is done in the Functions tab and must be used with caution in a live production environment. In the Functions tab you can:

  • Clear language cache
  • Clear language
  • Clear program cache
  • Clear program
  • Clear customization cache
  • Cleanup sessions
  • Enable or disable session cleaner (used when sessions time out)
  • Set session cleanup interval
  • View session cleaner status

More information can be found in the subchapter Using the Net Extensions Manager in the Infor Smart Office Administration Guide.

Net Extension Manager

Personalization Manager

Uri – admin://mformspersonalization/

The M3 Personalization Manager tool can be used by Infor Smart Office administrators to manage personalizations (customizations) to M3 forms that were created by Infor Smart Office users. In this tool you can view, copy and delete existing personalizations and you can also export them to Excel.

When you first start the tool you need to specify the location of the customizations. The location for personalization files is determined when M3 UI Adapter is installed. The installer specifies one location where all M3 forms data should be saved. Personalization folders, as well as folders for view definitions, language files, and so on, are all stored in this location.

More information can be found in the subchapter Working with M3 Personalization Manager in the Infor Smart Office Administration Guide.

Personalization Manager

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