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It’s been a while since we had the Q&A for Smart Office Administration. But here comes a link to some of the questions that we did not have time to cover during the call. Read more on the S3 tech blog.

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  1. Warren


    How are you? It is a pity that I had no time to join the session. Can you please take time to see whether there is a way to trigger a JScript for each user that logs on to LSO? We just do not want to add script to every program to achieve that.

    Thanks and best regards,

    1. karinpb Post author

      There is no way to tigger upon login. But you can add the script so that it is attached to all programs and then use the SessionChache and store if it has run before. The overhead is very small and it works for your scenario. What do you want to do? Keep in mind that as of Smart Office 10.2 the client can log off from M3 when the user is inactive (if no programs are open) and then logon again as a program is started.

  2. ZaherElShamy

    Dear karinpb ,, thanks for your great Help ,,, i have a question ,, can i make a simple Image Uploader Using JSript ,,, just to make an IMG and store it in database ??


    1. karinpb Post author

      Would the image be in a shared database?

      Beucase either the clients need to be able to connect directly to the database or you need a server with a REST/WS to front the database.

      Even if it is possible to do it in JScript – I would never do it in JScript. I would use the Smart Office SDK and build the uploader there. There is also the option to build the uploader as a “script dll” so instead of deploying a script (*.js) you deploy a (*.dll). Then you can build your component in .Net and just add the script entry to it. Thgis does not require a Smart Office SDK license so it is still just “script” but as an dll.

      But the most productive solution and beautiful solution would be with the Smart Office SDK since it is easy to debug the solution and you would be much more productive.

      Do you really need to store it in a DB? An image can be stored on disk and be served via a web server or file share.

  3. ZaherElShamy

    Actually i needed to store it in database ,,, i used the Script DLL and made it through .net Development ,,, it was a good solution … thanks alot

  4. ZaherElShamy

    ctually i needed to store it in database ,,, i used the Script DLL and made it through .net Development ,,, it was a good solution … thanks alot

  5. ZaherElShamy

    i have another Question 🙂 ,,, is there a way to do some work after the Server work on a specific panel ? ,,, i mean if i have Panel/E and i want to do something only after Validation is done by server and before Going to the Next Panel or the Next Program ,,, i put my code in the Method OnRequested but it is Called alot ( when F4 is called on a field ,, or when Validation error happens by Server , ….) i want mycode to run only when i am leaving the Panel Successfully

    1. karinpb Post author

      You chould take a look at OnRequestCompleted instead. It is called when there is a reply. But please note that it will be called on page down etc and you need to check and make sure that you unload the event handlers.

      If you want the script to run on the next panel you should probably add it there instead and if you need data from the panel you can use the instancecache.

  6. ericwayker

    Hello Karin

    I have a JScript button on the MWS410 panel that upon a click I make a call to an internal web service that will then make a call to a FedEx site to retrieve an external tracking number for delivery (the attribute in MHDISH is ETRN). The internal web service will populate the ETRN via a transaction in MWS410MI. Upon a complete round trip of the call I would then like to refresh/reload the MWS410 panel. I have tried to call the following line of code controller.ListOption(‘F5’) to refresh the panel; however, I continue to get an abnormal terminations.

    I would be happy with a refresh of the panel or to the list view control where ETRN is viewed. The panel is MWS410 with sort order 7.

    Do you have a simple snippet of code that might do a refresh on a panel?

    Thank you,


  7. ZaherElShamy

    thanks Karin for all your support and Help 🙂
    i have another Question is there a way to Remove a specific Action ,,, in the Actions Menu( Refresh, Cancel, Setings, Close) … i could successfully remove Options From the Related Option and in the Basic Options (Change- Create ,…) .. but for the Actions menu ( Refresh, Cancel, Setings, Close) i could not edit it ,,, i could not get the Object that Contains these Options to deal with it.

  8. Mohamed

    Hi Karin,
    First, thank you for your help!
    I’ve got a little question. Is it possible to send information between 2 mashups?
    For example, i’ve got the CUNO in my first mashup. When i click on button, it opens a second mashup (the xaml file is in the same project) and feeds the cuno (in the second mashup) with the first one.
    Thanks for your response.


    1. karinpb Post author

      Yes that is possible. You add the CUNO to the URL that opens the second one. There is a sample on this in the Mashup Designer. Look under Help – > common controls -> window (it’s in the bottom of the list so you probably need to scroll down to see it).

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