Smart Office Paint

To facilitate users supporting each other when it comes to, e.g. specific applications, we created a simple paint application where you can draw, write text and take screenshots.


One of the usage scenarios we see for using this application is when someone asks how to perform a specific action in an M3 application. In this case, you could start paint (paint://) and choose Screenshot. When the user performs this action, the screen will fade to light grey and the cursor will change to a crosshair as in the image below. This way of taking screenshots is used from other parts of Smart Office as well, such as in the Conversations window via the attach button and the Add Screenshot button in the share dialog of the Infor Ming.le™ integration.


This faded screen allows the user to select a custom area of the screen that will be captured. It can be cancelled at any time using the Esc key on the keyboard.


After the area has been selected, the captured image is displayed in paint. The user can thereafter add text, highlight or draw in the captured image to clarify the description.


When the user is satisfied with his/her drawing, it can be shared via the share button in the upper right corner to e.g. Collaboration or Infor Ming.le™.


6 thoughts on “Smart Office Paint

  1. Jonas

    Great! This would assist users when creating working instructions, sending support cases and being able to create relevant images with annotations quickly inside SmartOffice without having to bother about third party tools, but where do I get it or when will it be available?

    1. pederbob Post author

      Hi, nice to hear that you are exited to use this new application. It is included in Infor Smart Office 10.2 by default and is started by the command ‘paint://’.

  2. Mary Porter

    I just tried this and when I click on share it doesn’t give me a drop down – where is collaboration turned on?

    1. karinpb

      Hi Mary,
      Collaboration can be turned on/off in two different places. First there is a grid property for the MangoServer application in the grid called EnableCollaboration. It is default turned on. Then there is an application setting in Mango.UI called Enable collaboration. Both these must be enabled. You will see a green marker next to your name on the Smart Office canvas when you are connected to collaboration. If you have both these settings enabled and you still are not able to connect you probably need to change the collaboration port in the grid managemant pages for Mango Server under MangoServer-Management Pages – Configure Collaboration (or similar – the section has Collaboration in the name). Change the port and then you need to restart the Mango Server application. Check the MangoServer log for issues.

  3. Mahmoud Tawfik

    Is there any way to open it from mashup and directly open some image e.g. LinkUri=paint://image.jpg?
    Also can we make a mashup button to call save on the paint app.?

    1. karinpb

      The paint tool does not take a path to an existing file but it does support a base64 encoded sting representation of an image. Eg. paint://?base64=iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAA. But we can add a path parameter.
      As for the mashup button please provide more information on what you would like to do. Easy snapshot of the window? There is already different options to share a screenshot and send it to paint – perhaps we could do something special for mashups (for Smart Office 10.2.1) if we know more about the scenario. But I’m not shure if a button would ever call save on paint – perhaps we could lunch paint with a parameter to have paint show the save dialog directly but that means it must be opened in a specific way. So please some more information?

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