Ming.le Homepages

It’s been quite some time since I published on this Blog. I’ll see if I can get the Smart Office Developers to write some more posts. Don’t forget to check out the Infor Technology blog where you can find Lawson Smart Office related posts.

There are a few new features in Smart Office related to the Ming.le feature and the Ming.le integration.

I currently work on Ming.le Homepages so there is not that much time to write posts but we all help out trying to answer your comments and questions. If you like to know more about Homepages, please read Infor Homepages: Your hub across Infor OS.



2 thoughts on “Ming.le Homepages

  1. Maxime


    There is a lot of things to learn about INFOR OS. Are you planning to add a new category “INFOR OS” in the blog so that we can ask questions or exchange ideas ? Could be very usefull.

    1. karinpb Post author

      Hi Maxime,
      I don’t plan to add an Infor OS category. There are many teams working on it and I would not be able to answer all of the questions. There are groups for Infor OS on Infor Connect / Extreme support.

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