M3 TechEd

I’m at M3 TechEd in Stockholm. If you are attending don’t miss checking out the hands-on open lab. There are a lot of experts available to help you and show you what we are working on and how we can help you be successful.


Ole Rasmussen presenting M3 product strategy.

Great location at Elite Hotel at Nacka stand. I came in early.


I’ll be on two tracks, Extensibility and User Experience, see you there 😀.

3 thoughts on “M3 TechEd

  1. Parag Kambli

    hi Karin, would love to read more about TechEd on your blog. I had few questions related to Smart Office vs H5. Can i send you a seperate mail on this?

    1. Karin Portillo Post author

      Hi Parag,
      Please ask the question on this blog as I’m sure there are other that have similar questions. At TechEd there is an entire session on Smart Office vs H5.

      1. Parag Kambli

        Hi Karin, I’m really looking for a solution for things like 1) opening multiple screens “side by side” in H5. This is key for any business user as they compare things side by side. 2) use of CTRL+R or CTRL+S on windows platform bring additional difficulty for the user so something new should be invented. 3)I’m not sure if we can also set the window size in H5 4) Can we use function keys in H5 Mashups as some of our mashup were designed to use function keys in smart office.

        I understand that H5 is maturing with time and maybe there are solutions already which we may not know so thought of asking them directly to the experts.

        Thanks and have a nice time at TechEd. Say Hi to Magnus T.

        Parag Kambli

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