Moving to H5 and Infor OS from Smart Office

My last session of the day was  Smart Office compared to H5 and how to move from Smart Office to H5 and Infor OS. I was assisting Magnus as a subject expert. Not that he needed my help.


This session will be held tomorrow as well, so if you missed it, there is another chance.

There are a few tools that will help you make the move. For example moving links and favorites. But please note that not all links will work. H5 will handle mforms:// links, but there might be some links that will not work, for example anything that is accessing the file system or other schemas than mforms and https.

The clients are of course different but the M3 UI Adapter is still the same and both client talk to the MUA server when it runs M3 programs. With H5 comes Infor Ming.le and the complete Infor OS. Below is a comparison between the featureset in H5 and Smart Office.


We spent some time on Ming.le Homepages which is the product I’ve been working on lately. It is a great starting point for all types of users and with the M3 widgets you can monitor and take actions and have standard pages for different roles.

The M3 Implementation Accelerator (IA) solutions from July 2018 incorporate a small number of role-based Ming.le homepages designed to complement the preconfigured solutions. Depending on the industry, there are typically six roles containing these templates:

  • General Ledger Controller
  • Accounts Payable Controller
  • Accounts Receivable Controller
  • Customer Services
  • Production Manager
  • Purchase Manager

They are all available for download, fee, in KB 2008101.

1 thought on “Moving to H5 and Infor OS from Smart Office

  1. Eric

    Hello Karin – I have a combination of JScripts and H5 scripts in my 13.4 environment. I have successfully been able to deploy the JScript via the H5 client under the Administration Tools through the Personalizations link and Data Files link. However when I try to deploy the XML configuration files to reference the H5 scripts to a specific panel it doesn’t work.

    For instance, let’s say in panel MWA410BC (MWS410) I would like to reference a JScript I usually do the import as an XML file

    Now I would like to reference both H5 and JScript in the same configuration file for all global users.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Customization version="9.0.0" name="MWS410">
          <Panel name="MWA410BC">
                <Script progid="MWS410_B_ConsumerShipping.js" argument="" target="" />
                <H5Script progid="H5FedexTrackingButton" argument="" target="" />

    Referencing the H5 script does not seem to work. I am referencing H5 scripts incorrectly?

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