Closing H5 Scripting and Jscript Feedback for comments

This blog is for Smart Office developers by Smart Office developers and I started it back in 2012. We continue to maintaining Smart Office but during the last few years we have developed Ming.le Homepages and previously the H5 SDK and now we are working on some new products. We are today not that involved in the M3 development and we thank Reggie for answering a lot of H5 related questions on this site. We continue to support Smart Office and this blog is a great source of information and a nice channel for publishing Smart Office related information, but the option for commenting on H5 Scripting and JScript comments have been closed.

We encurage you to use the M3 development at Infor Community for questions, or the H5 SDK git for development of web applications in H5, but please try and avoid posting at multiple locations at the same time.