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Script assemblies in MForms

The most common way to extend the functionality of M3 panels in MForms is to use JScript files but there are other options such as Script assemblies and MForms extensions. With Script assemblies you can write code in most languages supported by .NET such as C# and VB.Net and you can actually debug your code using Visual Studio. Instead of deploying the script as a JScript file you use a .NET assembly in the form of a DLL file.

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Getting started with the Smart Office SDK

With Infor Smart Office SDK you have access to our application development framework. The SDK has been around since version 9.2 and it enables you to build your own application using the power of the Smart Office framework and the Infor Design System. As of last week Smart Office SDK is available, not only to partners but also directly to customers. We have build applications such as M3, Lawson, Analytics and Process Server and you can build your applications in the same way. Continue reading

URI shema overview for Infor Smart Office

In this post I’ll present a short overview of the different application schemas that we use in Smart Office. As you know we use URL syntax to identify applications within Smart Office. We build our big product lines around one schema per application and use the host part of the URI as the program name. Continue reading

LSO and Grid Application Discovery Service

In LSO 9.1.3 we moved the server to the Grid. There is a discovery service for LSO SDK applications (features) and Mashups that have a need to communicate with a Lawson Grid application. The discovery service reduces the configuration that needs to be added to the feature or mashup, e.g. no System Profile information needed in the manifests. This also means that there will be less work for the installer/administrator to configure installed applications. The discovery service can be used to retrieve the base URL to the Lawson Grid Application. Continue reading

Modal task URIs

In Lawson Smart Office (LSO) version 10.0.0 two generic URI parameters were added to support modal tasks. The requirement was to be able to launch any LSO URI in a modal window.

A modal window is a child window that requires users to interact with it before they can return to operating the parent application ( There are many scenarios where this could be useful (if a modal behavior is desired) such as Mashups, personalized links, navigator links, canvas shortcuts etc. Continue reading

Lawson Design System

When we started the Lawson Smart Client project we worked together with Frog Design. Frog did the design and delivered the Lawson Design System a set of guidelines for Lawson applications in general and for the Lawson Smart Client. Frog called it Smarter Software.

For the different XAML controls we have a global style implementation. In this post I’ll show an overview of controls that you can use in your Mashups and applications. If you have the SDK pack there is a DesignSystem example project. I you haven’t checked it out yet it is a must. Continue reading

Calling M3 APIs

For easy access to M3 APIs we have created a few classes that you can use both in your JScripts and in your features. For those of you who don’t know the difference, JScripts are used on a standard M3 and S3 forms to add new functionality. A feature is an application that runs natively within Lawson Smart Office. This is the way we build the UI to our applications such as M3, S3, LBI, Process Server, Document Archive… to mention a few.

I got a question from one of our Solution Consultants, Peter Johansson. He was using MIAccess to get customer data but he was experience delays due to the amount of data.

“Is there a way to specify which fields should be returned by the API?”

Of course there is! Continue reading