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Lawson Smart Office and desktop virtualized environments

Why is it so hard to get Lawson Smart Office to work well with a desktop virtualized environment? I will try to answer that question is this article.

What is a desktop virtualized environment? You can read one definition on Wikipedia, but explained briefly it is an application that makes it possible to execute other applications like they where installed locally but in fact they are executed on a server somewhere and only the “screen” is transferred to the client machine. That means no code from the application is actually executed on the client machine. Continue reading

Extending your contacts in Smart Office to M3 panels

You can collaborate in Smart Office using different tools such as chat, message boards (we call them channels) and annotations on business data. Today I’ll show you a hidden gem that involves showing your own contacts accessible right from the M3 panel.

Any panel with a RESP or USID field will get a green small person icon if that person is on you contact list. (We plan to add more fields).
It looks like this:

If I hoover over the icon I can see a tooltip with more information about the contact. Depending on how many external collaboration providers you have there can be: Smart Office contacts, Jabber and Microsoft Messenger. Continue reading

Installing Smart Office

Lawson Smart Office is using the Microsoft technology ClickOnce when installing on client machines. ClickOnce have some advantages and some disadvantages compared to other client installation techniques.


  • Easy to install
  • Automatic client updates.
  • Possibility to have side by side installations of different versions of Smart office.


Personalizations in M3 – Manager

A few days ago I wrote about Personlizations in M3. What I forgot to mention is the Personalization Manager in M3. It’s an admin tool for managing personlizations for users and groups and for different servers installations. This is the tool to user for moving personlizations around, for example from a test environment to a production environment.

Personalizations in M3

Users can change panels in MForms to obtain personalized versions of the standard M3 panels. Examples of personalization are conditional styles, hyperlinks, tab order, label texts and JScripts. Personalization is done directly within MForms using dialogs and special edit mode panels. There is a Personalization menu available under the Tools menu and on the context menu for the panel that contains the available personalization options. Continue reading

Lawson Smart Office 10.0.0

Lawson an Infor affiliate, released Lawson Smart Office 10.0.0. This is our contribution to Infor 10. I like it because it means that I can write about some stuff that I’ve wanted to share for quite some time now. We do lock down the code and go into release management a long time before the version is actually released. This is all good but it does mean that it’s been a while since I was working on the new version. So what’s new? Continue reading