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ScriptUtil.LoadAssemblyFromUrl() is Obsolete

The ScriptUtil.LoadAssemblyFromUrl method was marked obsolete in v10.2.1.0 HF32. A workaround for M3 scripts using the method is to replace with the following code:

var assembly = Assembly.Load(WebReader.GetRequestBinary(url));

In between version (HF32) and (HF42) the obsolete method will
fail in silence and just return null.

This has been changed in (HF43) and an InvalidOperationException will be thrown when calling the method.

Using a M3 List Api for a single hit

For M3 we have different APIs, most used are probably the list and get APIs. But what if you have a mashup and what you need is in a list API? Well you could just as well use the list API and bind to the first returned item. Or in fact you configure the MIDataService to only return the first result in the list.

Assuming there is an exact match you will get the expected data back. Say that you want to list customers and you pass in Infor, if infor isn’t a valid customer the list API will return whatever customer that comes after alphabetically.

My example will have an entry field for the customer to search for and a button that will trigger the List Event. In a real scenario this would probably be replaced with an event from a standard M3 form, like a CurrentItemChanged on a list or a detail form. Continue reading

MIListPanel with Open Event

In this post I will use a MIListPanel in order to list customers and then add an open event that will open CRS610 for the selected customer.
I’ll start by getting the Bookmark for the program I want to open on the double click in the list.

1. Start the program and select to create a bookmark on the canvas.
2. Open the shortcut and make a copy of the URL. Continue reading

Selecting the first row in a M3 list to trigger CurrentItemChanged

When you have a M3 list in a Mashup a common scenario is that you would like to have the first row selected so that any dependant mashup control can react to CurrentItemChanged.

This is for example a scenario when you open the Mashup from a panel with JScript so that you pass in a Customer id, CUNO. You want to load related information right away. This requirement is something that we will consider for future versions to have an option to say, ‘select first line on startup’.

But until then there is a workaround that involves using a JScript to set the selected item in the list. I’ll do an example with a mashup that loads CRS610 and reacts to CurrentItemChanged to load related data in a MIPanel. Continue reading