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M3 Price simulation – building a Mashup with two lists that trigger a third list

In this post I’ll show you how to use bindings together with a M3 Listpanel as well as conditions in Mashups Events to solve a scenario when you have two different M3 lists, for example one listpanel CRS610 and one listpanel MMS002 and you want to use information from thess panels to trigger a new listpanel (OIS320). Continue reading

Selecting the first row in a M3 list to trigger CurrentItemChanged

When you have a M3 list in a Mashup a common scenario is that you would like to have the first row selected so that any dependant mashup control can react to CurrentItemChanged.

This is for example a scenario when you open the Mashup from a panel with JScript so that you pass in a Customer id, CUNO. You want to load related information right away. This requirement is something that we will consider for future versions to have an option to say, ‘select first line on startup’.

But until then there is a workaround that involves using a JScript to set the selected item in the list. I’ll do an example with a mashup that loads CRS610 and reacts to CurrentItemChanged to load related data in a MIPanel. Continue reading