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ClickOnce and Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

The ClickOnce installation behavior recently changed when Microsoft introduced the new Microsoft Edge, based on the Chromium open source project.

The new Microsoft Edge has ClickOnce support from v 77 and it it’s enabled by default from v 87. There is an older post about how to enable it here.

Browse to the following link in Edge to see the current version.


New Behavior

Launching Smart Office from a ClickOnce installation point link or performing a logoff (restart) from within Smart Office is now disrupted by the following dialog due to the changed security implementation:

Press Open to continue with the ClickOnce launch process as it was before.

The dialog will not appear if Smart Office is launched from the Windows Start Menu or the Start Menu link as a shortcut on the Windows Desktop.

The Logoff button can be locked in Shutdown mode to avoid this issue altogether.
Instead of Logoff, a Shutdown and then Launch from Windows Start Menu is performed by the user.

Use the Admin tool Import/Export Manager to change the setting ‘Shutdown’ in Mango.UI.xml to be readonly with default value true.

<mp:Property Name="ShutDown" ReadOnly="True">
   <mp:Value /> 

It will result in the following Smart Office Canvas Header

You can read more about ClickOnce and DirectInvoke in the Microsoft document here.

Microsoft Edge Chromium and ClickOnce

The new Microsoft Edge Chromium browser doesn’t provide native support for ClickOnce as of version 81.0.416.6.

It will by default NOT work to launch a Smart Office ClickOnce install point link in Edge Chromium.

To enable ClickOnce support in Edge Chromium:

  1. Enter edge://flags link in Edge Chromium browser.
  2. Scroll down to ClickOnce Support setting and select ‘Enable’ from the dropdown list.
  3. Restart the browser.
Note: This setting will be overridden if your organization configures the 
"Allow users to open files using the ClickOnce protocol" policy. – Windows

The Edge Chromium will always prompt the user before launch of a 
ClickOnce link because Chromium doesn't rely on the Windows Security Zones.