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Adding a new column in a M3 List

Every now and then we do get questions about manipulating the M3 List. It is possible to add a column using JScript but there is no supported API for the different manipulations. But that does not stop the creative people out there. Now I would like to give you a heads up becuase the list implementation has changed slightly in Lawson Smart Office 10.

You can no longer access the Items property on the listview directly. Continue reading

Connecting a S3 form with Landmark Application Data

I’ll show you how easy it is to create a Mashup that connects a S3 Form and data from Contract Management, a Landmark Application. In Lawson Smart Office 9.1.2 we introduced three new DataService controls; the DataPanel, DataListPanel and DataDetailPanel.

In the first version we added support for making REST http calls to web services as well as making M3 API Calls. In 9.1.3 we added support for a Landmark DataService. If you like to implement and plugin your own DataService as part if using LSO SDK that is as simple as implementing an Interface (IDataService) and registering your service. Continue reading