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Mashup for LPA – Pending Work Units

Last week all employees at Lawson Product Development had a new kind of event called 20four. Its goal is to inspire and drive innovation. What we did? We were allowed to spend 24 hours doing whatever we wanted to do. No limitations – at all.

After 24 hours had passed we had 4 minutes to present what we did and then we voted for the best project. In this blog I’ll present the winning project, a LPA Mashup that displays pending work, created by Conny E. Special thanks to Conny for sharing his Mashup.

It is perhaps not innovative but it solves a business scenario and apperently this information was not easily accessable in Landmark, and that is what Mashups are for, bringing data together from different screens, programs and data sources. Continue reading

Calling Web Services using Process Server

Process Server has had a mashup control since version 9.1.3, called TriggerPanel. It could be used to trigger a process flow without returning data from the flow itself.
In Lawson Smart Office 10.0.0 the TiggerPanel supports a synchronous call which means that it is possible to run a flow and bring in data from the process back to the Mashup.

In order for the mashup to be able to automatically generate a UI and to be able to create an object model that can be used for easy binding the XML has to be according to a specific schema.

The XML schema describes a Header section and any number of Detail sections. The service has to at least return an xml document with only the root. The root element name is ProcessResponseHeaderDetails. Returning no Xml at all will result in an error dialog informing that no data was returned from the service. Continue reading