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Working with multiple Canvases

In Lawson Smart Office your home is the Canvas. You have your informative widgets and your shortcuts just one click a way. But what if you would like to completely swith the canvas for a specific task so that the widgets and shortcuts reflect the type of work that you need to get done? I’ve written about How to create a Menu Widget using the News Reader Widget, you can take this one step further by having the links in the RSS Xxml to point to different Canvas files. Continue reading

News Reader Widget as a Check list

In my last post I showed you How to create a Menu Widget using the News Reader Widget. The News Reader has another hidden feature – it can be displayed as a checklist!

This view is great for a step by step process. If you launch the link the check box gets checked automatically. Now the process needs to be completed during the Lawson Smart Office session, it will not store your progress if you log off or close LSO. Continue reading

How to create a Menu Widget using the News Reader Widget

The news reader widget is for displaying a news feed. You can configure the News Reader Widget with a specific URL and publish it to the Widget Library. The tip of the day is that you can create your own RSS xml and have the News Widget as a Menu Widget with a list of different programs that can be launched directly from the widget. In this post I’ll show you the syntax of the XML and how to publish the widget to the Widget Library. Continue reading