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Adding settings to your feature

There are different kind of settings that you can use when developing your feature. There are profile settings, local settings and user/application settings. In this blog I’ll talk about user/application settings and the steps you need to do in order to add settings to your project. Using user/application settings will allow administrators to add role based values for some settings, provided that the Session Provider supports listing roles. Continue reading

Connect Settings to roles, now made easy

In version previous to Smart Office 10.0.4 the possibility to connect Smart Office settings to users or groups of users existed but had to be done through Active Directory with group polices. Adding new group polices can be a bit tricky and sometimes the trickiest part is to get access to the Active Directory it self.

In Smart Office 10.0.4 there is a new way that let you create different settings values and connect them to user(s) and/or group(s) of users. Continue reading

Adding a profile setting to your mashup

This blog describes how you can add your own profile setting, for example an URL to a SOAP web service, to your mashup so that your profile setting can be delivered and deployed as part of your mashup.

In Lawson Smart Office we have two main different types of settings. We have settings in settings files; these are the user settings and applications settings that can be administrated via group policies. Examples of user settings are my M3 default option or the theme color of my Canvas. Examples of applications settings are if private deploy of mashups is allowed or if the user is allowed to change the theme. Those are set by the administrator and cannot be changed by the user. Continue reading