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Establishing Mutual Trust

The Smart Office client is signed with a code-signing certificate for safety, that certificate needs to be renewed every few years like an Id-card. We just did this for the upcoming release (HF55) and due to some changed business related values in the new certificate you may experience an inconvenient Microsoft Defender SmartScreen dialog for a short period of time.

Microsoft has a SmartScreen feature that keeps track of a signed applications reputation for establishing a rapport. The new certificate categorize Smart Office as a brand new application not trusted by Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. Until Smart Office has earned its reputation you will see the following dialog when an install or update of the client is started.

In order to continue with the install or update you must click the link More info and proceed to the following dialog. Ensure that the publisher is Infor and that the App file is MangoClient.exe (Smart Office), then press the button Run anyway.

When Microsoft Defender SmartScreen has registered a certain amount of likes in form of users pressing the Run anyway button it will be accepted as a known application once more.