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A New Year in the Calendar

Is the week number 52, 53 or 1 not where you expect it to be in the calendar view?

When you’re in the transition between the old and the new year it may be relevant for some Smart Office users to talk about the visible week number in the date picker or the calendar control.

The weeks in the Gregorian calendar are numbered from week 1 to 52 but some years week 53 will appear. If the year starts on a Thursday or is a leap year that starts on a Wednesday (2020) it will have 53 weeks. This is the case in some European and Asian countries following the ISO-8601 standard but not for the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The ISO-8601 week 1 of the year 2021 will correspond to week 2 in the United States for example.

The week number is calculated based on the first day of the week and the cultural calendar week rule. In Smart Office this information is either fetched from the Windows Region settings or Smart Office itself depending on the Smart Office settings.

The relevant settings are found in the Smart Office Settings Editor (administration tool) under the Mango.UI section:

First day of week setting

The option ‘Use client settings‘ will determine the first day of the week by Windows cultural and regional setting.

The option ‘Monday‘ will set the first day of the week by the ISO-8601 standard (Monday) and use the ‘First four day week‘ Calendar Week rule. The Windows cultural settings are ignored when calculating the week.

UI element language setting

The option ‘Windows region setting‘ will determine the Calendar Week rule by the Windows regional format setting, unless the ISO standard option ‘Monday‘ is selected as ‘First day of week‘ and then the ‘First four day week’ rule is used.

The option ‘Smart Office language‘ will derive the Calendar Week rule from the current user language set in Smart Office.